Delivery Options

Low Places Ranch provides 5 types of delivery options based on the customers needs
If you are not a current hay customer of ours, we can schedule a visit to test your hay.
hay delivery

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We do charge for delivery depending on* quantity and location. 
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Rack-Body Delivery

Approx. 10-75 Bales
We can fit anywhere from 10 to 75 bales of hay. We offer complete unloading and stacking with this delivery package. Round bale delivery available.

Box Truck Delivery

Approx. 50-200 Bales
Rain or shine you can count on us to deliver your essential hay, feed & bedding products with our enclosed box truck. This is a popular option for our local customers who prefer to stock up on their hay, feed, & bedding needs in smaller amounts. This truck can fit anywhere from 50 to 200 bales of hay.

Flatbed Truck Delivery

Approx. 100-200 Bales
This truck can fit anywhere from 100 to 200 bales of hay or a split load of hay and shavings. Round bale delivery available.

Flatbed Trailer Delivery

Approx. 100-250 Bales
This is another popular option for customers who prefer to stock up on larger amounts. This trailer can fit anywhere from 100 to 250 bales of hay.

Full Trailer Service

Approx. 750 Bales
This option is very popular for high volume repeat customers. Our trailers are 53 foot dry van. This is a cost effective option for customers who prefer to stock up on hay. We can send a crew to unload for you, or discounts given if you unload yourself. We do not offer drop trailers at this time.
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