poulin grain
RFormulated to meet the unique demands of the Northeast, Poulin Grain feeds are packed with the latest cutting-edge technology and industry-leading research in every bite - so you can always be sure they’re getting the best.

It is the mission of Poulin Grain, Inc. to be the leaders in the feed and agricultural field by producing “Quality Focused” products and “Cutting Edge” customer service at a fair price, while maintaining a profitable company that provides a safe and happy workplace designed to benefit all of the people that dedicate themselves to making Poulin Grain successful!
poulin horse feed


Equi-Pro Super Premium Horse Feeds
Equi-Pro Mare & Foal Textured
Equi-Pro PerforMax 12:12 Textured
Equi-Pro Pro-Max 12 Pellet
Equi-Pro Premium Senior Pellet
Equi-Pro Performance 10:12 Textured
E-Tec Super Premium Horse Feeds
Equi-Pro Fibre-Max Textured
E-Tec Carb-Safe Soft Pellet
E-Tec One Pellet(formally E-Tec)
E-Tec Senior Low Carb Pellet
E-Tec Balancer Pellet (formerly MVP)
Decade Premium Horse Feeds
Decade Challenger 14:8 Pellet
Decade Endurance Sport 11:8 Pellet
Decade Sprint Extreme Textured
Decade Complete Diet 13% Pellet
Decade Stable Sweet Traditions Textured
chicken feed near me


  • Chick Starter Crumbles (25 & 50#)
  • Quik Grow Broiler Crumbles
  • Poultry Grower/Finish Crumblet
  • Layer Pellet (25 & 50#)
  • Layer Crumble
  • Layer Mash
  • Egg Production Plus Crumblet (Soy Free)
  • Scratch Feed
  • Gamebird Starter/Grower Crumbles
  • Turkey/Gamebird Starter Crumbles
  • Turkey/Gamebird Grower/Finisher
cattle feed near me


  • Hi-Line 16% Dairy/Beef Pellet
  • Advanced Cho 20% Pellet
  • Textra 14% Dairy/Beef Feed Textured
  • Textra 16% Dairy/Beef Feed Textured
  • Textra 18% Dairy/Beef Feed Textured
  • Opti-C.A.F. Textured Calf Starter
  • Calf Care Milk Replacer AM Bovatec 22/20
  • Calf Care Milk Replacer AM Beta Mos 22/20 (non-med)
quality dog food near me


  • PRO-FORM Performance Professional Premium Dog Food

  • PRO-FORM Athlete Premium Dog Food

  • PRO-FORM Hunter’s Sport Premium Dog Food

  • PRO-FORM Lamb & Rice Premium Dog Food

  • PRO-FORM Puppy Premium Dog Food


  • Dairy Goat Pellet

  • Doe’s Match Kid Milk Replacer

  • Goat Mineral

  • Lamb N’ Kids Starter Pellet

  • Meat Goat Pellet

  • Stock NCA Sweet 16%

  • Sweet Goat 18%

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